Hedex lite software

Chrome 54 or later does not support the file uploading function. Enter a valid email address. The URL must start with http: The history of Huawei electronic documentation system can be summarized as follows. Our users primarily use HedEx Lite to open these file types:

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Please download the document and view it on your computer. We think you have liked this presentation.

Clicking the download link will search for the HedEx Lite download on Bing. CLICK to learn how. A file extension is the characters after sofftware last dot in a file name.

HedEx Lite VRC00SPC Release Announcement - Huawei

How to obtain the latest documents? The URL must start with http: For example, in the file name "winmail. Electronic documentation, automatic delivery Time-consuming search in a large amount of information Difficulties in centrally browsing and searching for documents in various formats A package of Huawei product documentation contains dozens of documents, each of which has hundreds of pages.

Add URL to Favorites.

Download documentation of any version. Update your local documentation package anytime. What is a file extension? Currently we do not have a direct download link available for HedEx Lite. Connection requests hecex any other IP address will be rejected.

January to June It can run behind the firewall provided by Windows or a third-party firewall. Un-updated documents confuse the technical personnel for engineering and maintenance.

HedEx Lite

Highly secure Application-level access control: Title Select a directory Add to. Download it before use. Every day, users submit information to File. Terms of use Privacy Policy Contact. Features Secure and installation-free HedEx Lite does not need to be installed. Enter an email subject containing 1 to characters.

HedEx Lite VRC00SPC publish bulletin

Easy access to latest documentation Using HedEx Lite, you can: Send case content to iCare worknote. Huawei product softward is delivered in HDX format.

Please use Internet Explorer. Enter content containing 1 to characters.

Our team is constantly working on adding more downloads to the site. How to centrally browse and search for documents in various formats? XP Browser and Basics1. Send case content to SR: HedEx Lite does not need to be installed.

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