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Added experimental support for parsing constants in C-style exponential notation like 1. Cons Can be a bit complicated to beginners. Fixed rendering of dashed lines for strict inequalities when "Draw graphs with wide lines" option is selected.

Added code to reload them at startup. Results 1—2 of 2 1.

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The Point tables show values at an interval and precision that you control, so you can get detailed numerical results or practice sketching curves yourself. Pros Has features with Graph Cartesian functions relations and more It helps in solving difficult equations.

Other options of Graphmatica let you view and edit point tables, the data plot editor, variables panel, and graph paper properties e. This should resolve any issues you may have experienced with searching or context help on OS X Demo files and on-line help make getting up on speed a lot easier and convenient.

Critical lines, solutions to equations and intersection between the Cartesian functions can be found out with the help of Graphmatica. You can use implied multiplication, a complete library of math functions including trigand even leave out those annoying parentheses in appropriate places.


Advanced equation parser follows mathematical rules--not the computer's. Cartesian inequalities are supported as well. Letter Chase -- Learn the Keyboard. Type your search here:. Graphmatica was reviewed by Elena Opris.

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Be the first to know about the hottest apps with Download's Windows Apps newsletter. Solve equations on graphmatics graphs using the numerical and calculus features By Reka Gimbi Grxphmatica Monday, June 15, Choose between graphmaticz graph paper and paper appropriate for trig, polar, and logarithmic functions, at four levels of detail.

This should include all machines manufactured since plus any older Intel-based machines that have had OS X upgrades applied. As on the Windows version, the raster output resolution is based on the current window size. Read the full changelog. These include basic Cartesian graph functions, plus polar, parametric, differential calculus and relations and inequalities.

Users who downloaded Graphmatica also downloaded: You can of course add explicit parentheses around function parameters to clarify your intent.

Jul 26th, Trial. It also has an on line help and also demo files. It features new data plotting and curve-fitting features, up to graphs on screen at once, numerically solve and graphically display tangent lines and integrals, find critical points, solutions to equations, and intersections between Cartesian graphmaatica, print your graphs or copy to clipboard as bitmap or enhanced metafile in black-and-white or color, and On-line help and demo files make getting up to speed a snap.


Added Pick Line Style to the context menu for equations, allowing you to choose from solid, dashed, dotted, and dash-dot line styles. However, good luck finding an application that will let you paste the PDF format. Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff.

Also engineers, mathematicians and scientists are advised to download this useful software. Fixed issues which could cause a fatal error graphing an equation to also corrupt memory or crash the program. Added support for logarithmic curve fit garphmatica type. If you have suggestions or comments, contact us. Added Email Support option to Help menu.

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