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Ease of use Cons: Not Likely Extremely Likely. Lack of features to help market your board to the public. Best jobs board software.

Fewer than 10 WordPress Version: You can use an existing domain or subdomain smartjobhoard that you own. It's a tremendous value Experience with the team there has been exceptional.

SmartJobBoard Reviews and Pricing -

A happy customer who receives very responsive support from the great team. And smartjobhoard you 1 month to decide what to do next before upgrading your plan automatically.

I feel as though they are part of my team. The site has been fairly straight forward and full of features Learnt about product options more. I will definitely recommend them. Can I customize my job board? Setting up additional payment gateways I am in Japan was a bit of a pain.


Payment intergration with pay pal. No matter how many positive or negative reviews you will find, it is always better smartjobbard try it yourself to form your own opinion. To change colours wording layout headers etc in more ways.

Transparency Transparency improves customer loyalty, as well as communication and trust within our team. I like the back-fill feature.

Live Examples

We tried several other solutions prior to implementing SmartJobBoard and found this optino to be the simplest to get up and running with easy to use admin and posting tools. Do not worry Below you can find some of the proven real reviews and references we have tracked down in the Internet about Smartjobboard that can help you to make a correct decision: Smart Job board was a great software to use.

SJB is worth checking out and offers a free trial. Recommendations to other buyers: Skip to content Just pay as you go.

Smartjobboard reviews | Smartjobboard

Skip to content Easy to set-up and customize. Easily control and modify every detail of your job portal for the best performance. SmartJobBoard may just be the product that you need to turn your job agency into a haven for both job seekers and employers with all the benefits just for you.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers is where the heck the SmartJobBoard team is located. But what makes SJB difference is not just the product that they keep emartjobboard, but the super after care that they offer.

The administration and backend is intuitive and it is easy to use. Intuitive admin interface Easily control and modify every detail of your job portal smartjpbboard the best performance.

Can I use my own domain name? When you couple it with great support and decent prices.

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