Sobipro search module

It packs several techniques to generate and deliver the right images for each device screen. Support Responsive layout 2. Advertising, commercial questions and sharing of software of any kind is not allowed.

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Working with Twitter's Bootstrap, there's a natural requirement to support all framework features. Posted on 15 December Search Plugin is a Joomla search plugin. Beyond template random assets, a single sobirpo to empower your sites.

Radius Search for Sobipro By myJoom. It can be used as category navigation menu or simple category module. SMS, Click2Call and more! The nearby places can be shown from the same Sobipro section with the current entry or from a different section.

SobiPro is translated into more than 30 languages.

SobiPro Search

To empower this feature, we publish a module to show this same search form in any page position" The module shows the Search Box and the Extended Search Form in any page position. The standard simple Joomla search form is hidden. Posted on 29 October Allow to show search button 9. In a nutshell It's a single component, with a set of modules and p I was disappointed to find, after installing, that it offers little more functionality than the default SobiPro Extended Search.

The Empty Search allows to return results even when there's no keywords, filtering only with the remaining fields.

With SobiPro you can create as many directories and any other content types on your site as you need with only one single SobiPro component installation. Twilio for Joomla - Ajax plugin: Home Support Community Area Common search module for all sections on sobipro.

By using this forum, you accept the standard terms of netiquette on forums as you can find for example here. This software provides a good search feature, but will not search categories. Support for ONE Section.

Almost each field can be configured to show up in the search form. Also ideas for new applications can be submitted to the Idea Pool.

Information Center

Not rated 2 reviews. Categories Module A module to show categories of a SobiPro section with adjustable sorting order and field s. If you have membership-related questions, please use the contact form.

Visit Card application for Sobipro By myJoom. Due to Bootstrap powered templates, you can show your content on any device out of the box.

It extends the core Joomla search engine to support SobiPro entries. Most popular vector icons in a single package.

XTDir is a new extension to manage and extend SobiPro as never before! Modulw Geocode SobiPro gateway plugin, you can collectively display the locations of all, or any selection of your entries on a map.

RSSearch! for SobiPro

Gallery app By Mostafa Shalkami. Beyond template random menus, a single module to empower your sites. Search into username -Search into username from Joomla users table.

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