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If you want each user to have his own private download section, then this can also be achieved through the Briefcase folder functionality. Number of Replies Assigned Ticket: Ticket Information tab Subject: Pro and map fields such as username, name, email and password to RSForm!

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Days a ticket should go into autoclose status: It consists of a frontend module that is capable of creating a gallery with images provided by RSMediaGallery! You will be able to collect and use submitted information in the newsletters that you create with RSMail!.


Posted on 24 October This is the amount of hits an article must achieve in order to be listed as a "most viewed" article. Pro for dotmailer http: Getting started Detailed articles about the extension section by section. The flexibility and power of the component can be easily seen on our RSJoomla! Well worth the money they charge for this component. All configured emails from this tab will be delivered as BCC to the specified email addresses each on a new line.

Joomla!® HelpDesk Ticketing System - RSTickets!Pro

Functionality Rich functionality, it covers all requirements for corporate ticket systems. Don't want to pay for every single template?

Ticket Information tab Subject: You can use it to keep the same page style along with assigned modules when your staff clicks on email links. Priorities can be unpublished, removed and modified as you wish - you can even set a specified color on a priority so that tickets that arrived can be highlighted in that color eg.

Free Downloads Take a look at our peo extensions portfolio and download them for your Joomla!

Create custom event registration forms for RSEvents! Following the great success of RSTickets!

RSTickets!Pro User Guide

Pro makes it all easy for you. The selected priority will be designated as default for the configured department. Clicking on the Customer name will open the default Joomla! How do I generate a license code? All you need to do is submit the email form and access the download link in your email.

Manage tickets

With this integration you will be able to create subscription forms, pass users data to your MailChimp account and assign them to the existing lists and groups. Subscribe to our blog for more.

Send emails rsticekts customer when staff members reply: Paid Downloads In this section you will be able to access all the extensions and templates you have purchased from our site. Pro plugin is free to download once you have an a By enabling this, staff members will be able to use an AJAX-driven Knowledgebase search engine, searching for common answers and inserting them directly in the reply message. I'm using this system for nearly 2 years if I remember well.

Date No Time Format: Just to get the semi-bad out of the way This is a great product that is bug-free and terrific support. The avatar can be imported from rsticekts locations: Sorry about that Your Email. You can enable your staff members to monitor how much time they spent on a support ticket this is however manually specified.

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