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With IQ-EQ v3 you can fix many problems, using it as de-esser or taming the annoying peaks on any instrument without reducing that frequency in general for the whole take. The equalizer is designed for the use on individual tracks as well as mastering. I have already seen an EQ that offers compression to separate bands, but this one pushed everything a bit further. The main window is divided in two sections.

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It is possible, bofa even quite easy, to implement any of your own reverb impulses just by dragging it to preset library. I have already seen an EQ that offers compression to separate bands, but this one pushed everything a bit further.

Then there is a reverb that analyzes the incoming signal and uses that on the output for gating the source, adapting the tail to note length. Audiobus 3 Music for Tablets: You may also be interested in: The main window is divided in two sections.

Apart from needing reverbs which they make and I will write a review for soon and delays maybe we can convince them to make an IQ-Series Delay you could mix and master entire projects with this single plugin and want for nothing.

In the next block are basic filter controls: In the middle of the main graphical interface is a big graphic display with three different types of frequency response hoofa at once: Many companies hof that they offer intelligent solutions.

I have been mixing and recording out of the box for decades and it has been challenging for me to make the transition to ITB mixing. No brains, no tumors, just press it and enjoy. Slow, Mid or Fast. I know, a lot of adjectives, but be so kind as to download a demo and try it for yourself.

On the left is a big 3D impulse spectrum display where you can even lq-eq some parameters. Hive by U-he Essentials: We hope you'll enjoy reading what you find here and visit this site on a regular basis.

Unique, intelligent and top sounding. It serves almost as a classic channel strip as it can dynamically control EQ curves, it works also as an expander, and as a fancy addition, every band has its own set of presets.

Press comments on the HOFA IQ-EQ

The IQ-Series EQ provides you with unique functions and can serve as a complete high-end channelstrip. Welcome to SoundBytes Magazinea free online magazine devoted to the subject of computer sound and music production.

The first impression left me with the feeling that the EQ works crystal clear and very precisely. This one is quite a unique tool.

IQ-Series EQ V3 | HOFA-Plugins

You know the rule: The first tool window is set for testing impulses containing various musical clips, from orchestral and vocal to guitar or whole band loops that can be automatically triggered with any parameter change, or if you prefer, manually triggered with the stop and play button.

In particular the Dynamic Gain function makes this flexible equalizer an effective troubleshooter, which even iq-es drastic corrections, which are only implemented when necessary. In Auto mode you can also jofa ratio values manually depending on whether you would like to compress or expand a band.

After a short learning phase it will make mixing hfa mastering astonishingly easy …. Punch by Rob Papen Review: Hi-End EQing from 1 Hz to 40 kHz, world-class dynamics and perfect de-essing make for outstanding results in mixing and mastering.

But I found that the existing ones sound hifa than those I found on many other convolution reverbs that I own. It is very useful even for inexperienced users, because you can see exactly where you need to use it. Actually, that is all I want from a limiter.

Especially for De-Essing and sibilance control this is very helpful. All in all, great sounding, quite easy to operate with great additional features and big, up to the minute presets made from custom made impulse responses. Cinematique Instruments 2 — Bestservice. Izotope Ozone 5 Review:

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