Tuita boyz love me always

You may also catch Tuita in person at the H. As far back as Hefa can remember , he has always loved dancing. Son of Karley and the late Hefa Sr.

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Can he teach me how to dance? Alex Jordan — Good Girl.


He is very proud of his culture and wants to share it with the world in a positive way. Tuita idolizes Michael Jackson and Usher to name a few ruita the Talauega brothers Rich and Tone are his biggest inspiration. Guita far back as Hefa can rememberhe has always loved dancing. On his left arm by his shoulder there is a Fireman arm in memory of his father and on it is a Tongan flag, as well as a American flag, he puts lovs on every stage or anything he performs on with PRIDE. Proud of our Hefa Tuita.

Word; thanks for all the great info. His only advice for those aspiring to do more is to exercise a lot of discipline, build a strong work ethic, and be open to learning. You may also catch Tuita in person at the H. He never gives less than percent at any given time and that dedication is what separates the aldays from the great, and Tuita is absolutely one of the best.

May his father always rest in peace. He hopes to inspire many, especially Polynesians, to believe that they can bojz things happen and accomplish anything they put their minds to.

Such a great interest in dance got him to enroll at Heart N Soul in Spanish Fork, UT and later Center Stage in Orem, UT where he honed in on his fascination with dance and grew to love other dance genres besides Hip-Hop such as ballroom, contemporary, ballet, and jazz. Being a back-up dancer sure has its advantages.

Their whole entourage hangs out all the time eating, watching movies, and freestyling. Find the Latest… Search for: Son of Karley and the late Hefa Sr. Cuz I need to learn from HIM!! Just some more info. Oh forgot to mention…the firearm on his left arm.

He also has 2 other siblings Taylor and Tiana who both reside in Utah as well. Ne-Yo — Beautiful Monster.

About the author TheWhatItDo. He will always bring smiles upon the heavens above.

Never Give Up » Hip-Hop Dancer Hefa Tuita » The What It Do » Urban Island Review

Tuita will never be done with dancing, but becoming a music artist with his own dancers is a real possibility in the future and who better to learn from than Chris Brown? He also alwyas and produces a lot of his music. Along with that…he has danced with. Find us on Facebook.

Never Give Up » Hip-Hop Dancer Hefa Tuita

Nicole Scherzinger — Poison. E conferences or events as he is an active participant in that movement. He is never ashamed of sharing his culture with the media. A lot of their tracks were written by him along with his younger brother Soane.

Just a few Hefa Tuita featured music videos: He keeps his gratitude intact, his mindset focused, and his talent growing.

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