Camel moonmadness

A slightly funky for want of a more sonically pleasing word section doesn't really do much for me, with its synths again feeling meaningless and light, but the conclusion with clashing percussion from Ward and renewed synth or guitar can't tell which is much more satisfactory. The piece ends with a descending, whistling synthesizer. Camel is one my favorite bands in that magical era of progressive rock in the early s. Many early Camel songs feature string sounds, giving them that space rock texture, and Bardens used a number of analog string synth strings that were developed around that time. I picked up on a few things, good enough to do the gig, but I was quite nervous about it.

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The keyboards and dense atmosphere captivated me, maybe because somehow they remind me a bit of Steve Hackett's first album including the distorted vocals but much more relaxing Not necessarily better.

The vocals work smoothly in conjunction with the music. It suddenly launches into a quick solo.

But something happened, last week, had to make a long travel by car and by some impulse I added "Moonmadness" to the CD's cartridge of the car and at last I could get them, won't say they are my favorite band but found something that was escaping from my perception. Even today, Camel and Genesis are the two bands from the 70's, which I listen to with more pleasure.

And vocally the band were weak compared say to Caravan who had two great singers, Pye Hastings and Richard Sinclair, two terrific singers. The 'pop song' parts of this song are great!

Camel - Moonmadness (Vinyl, LP, Album) at audiophileusa

If you get only one Camel album, get this one. In any case, Camel's instrumental prowess is still very much to the fore here. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. They entered the studio in January and the album was on the street just two months later which is a testament to how efficient they must have been at that moment.

I quite like the concept. With all things considered, this is a good symphonic release that wouldn't be out of place in any moonmadndss fan's record collection. Spirit Of The Water is keyboard-arranged ballad with a distortion effect added to the vocals that, I guess, are suppose to created a watery effect.

I read some listeners comment regarding Latimer's vocals moonmadnezs, this is very subjective manner for me and I really liked what The concept album "Moonmadness" has seven tracks. The beginning of the song is misleadingly energetic, because most of the track is extremely relaxing.

However, as I already stated in my Mirage review, calling it one of the best-ever albums in moonjadness is, at least in my opinion, somewhat of an exaggeration. It does contain an impressive and stately climax towards the end though.

Moonmadness, by Camel

This is me Loading The Music Aficionado on Facebook. I was working at a record store in Stockholm at the time, and one of my co-workers, who was in his early forties, suggested I check out Camel. I think Moonmadness is one of the best albums Camel has ever made. Holy God, how could I ignored this band for decades? There are some album's that make me proud to be a 'prog head' and this is one of them, a masterclass in progressive rock music if ever there was one.

The needle will keep going and going. To me, the intro alone is enough to have this record, even if its only 2 minutes. It will be a pleasure. November 28, 7.

CAMEL Moonmadness reviews

The last one and a half minutes moonmqdness the best part of the song, it is a lively section which closes the song on a high. This is a typical Camel's song. If Ward was a master drummer since day one, now he managed to take his skill to a level of definitive maturity. Interesting tempo shifts and structure changes throughout the song. Keyboard solo continues the melody and the song experiences some tempo and style changes. On some LP pressings, the record arm would skip during the end of this part and naturally return to the beginning of the effect, playing it endlessly the "terminal groove" effect.

Not surprisingly my favorites on Moonmadness are Song Within a Song and Air Born which canel the longest songs with vocals moonmadnss the album. As it stands, this album is a must-have if you've ever liked Camel, but there are a few poor moments.

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