Zz top i gotsta get paid

This page was last edited on 20 November , at The album harks back to the hallmark raw sound of the band's formative years and will, inevitably, be considered a return to form on multiple levels. It is their first one in nine years, following Mescalero.

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It was recorded at a Digital Services Recording in Houston and we worked there as well, so we got to know those guys and that song just stayed with us for all that time. An excerpt is available below: The result of this melting of the past and the present is, of course, La Futura.

He was very helpful but never pressured us which made the circumstance a truly enjoyable one.

ZZ Top’s New Single Based on ’90s Rap Song

The track made gst interstellar debut when it was piped into the Soyuz spacecraft at the time of its launch to the International Space Station thirteen months ago.

Also part of La Futura is, fittingly, 'Flyin' High'. Official ZZ Top Website. The four songs that kick off La Futura, 'I Gotsta Get Paid', 'Chartreuse', 'Consumption' and 'Over You' debuted last month as Texicali, a digital preview collection exclusively available from iTunes that achieved significant critical and sales success.

An excerpt is available below:. They signed to American Recordings a few years ago and have been working on what would become La Futura in spurts since then.

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Four of the new tracks--"I Gotsta Get Paid", "Chartreuse", "Consumption" and "Over You"--were first released on 5 June as an iTunes-only collection titled Texicaliwhich met with strong sales and glowing reviews. How did it come to be?

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved 7 September Argentina, Chile, Russia so we kind of concentrated on that for the most part but we're glad it's finally out there.

Rick Rubin and Billy Gibbons. Retrieved 13 September Last year they finally entered Foam Box Recordings in Houston, working full time to lay down the tracks that would comprise La Futura.

That guitar breakdown is something of a tribute to the great Lightnin' Hopkins, another of our 'heroes of the Houston ghetto.

Retrieved 26 August La Futura - review". You not only got it out there…it kicks Texas sized ASS!

William Clark of Guitar International wrote, "La Futura is an impressive return to form for this infamous southern rock trio, and includes some of the best music Paod Top has ever pushed out. Retrieved from " https: I have some pointed questions later but lets go with the new album first and the new songs.

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We didn't really get around to writing, recording and such until about 2 or 3 years ago. Texas bluesblues rockhard rock.

Retrieved 14 August Live from Texas Double Down Live. The band will embark on a string of U. Retrieved 20 October Go to this location for the complete interview. Retrieved 29 October The result of this melding of the past and the present is, of course, La Futura.

Following its release, the album received mostly positive reviews.

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