N64oid 2.6.3

Preach2k Jan 1, at 5: May have trouble with using C button items while z targeting. The keys do help sometimes but are acutally kind of a hinderance sometimes too. I have tested Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, and super mario smash brothers. As I test roms I'll post what I find.

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Smash brothers runs well with full sound but i did notice a slight choppyness. Well just to recap i just want everyone to know that I did end up buying a Droid 4. Dec 10, Messages: Your user name or email address: I will try and keep this updated as I go along.

Still very playable but a bit of slowdown.

That seems to offer the most comfort and playability. AOL email mcnajjFeb 28, PereDroid Jan 1, at Just to comment on m64oid keyboard, I thought that having a keyboard might make the games more playable, Ive had mixed resaults so far with it.

I do actually own all of those games for the original N I will keep playing with it to see if i can find a good solution.

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Preach2k Jan 1, at 5: Multiple key presses at the same time dont seem to always register. Hide all the on screen buttons except for the joystick and use that as it seems to be much more responsive then the buttons for movement.

Hope this helps you find what your looking for. Much better then totally using the on screen keys. Very laggy then a crash. I also tried zelda majoras mask and n64kid seems to be very playable so far.

I have to say that I'm impressed, I've seen very few n64 emus work so smooth, especially on a mobile device that goes for the psp as well, which is a different story. New Moto Z for ?

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As far as playabilty i have gotten to level 5 on banjo kazooie and have not noticed any graphical, sound or slowdown errors. More on that and more info on which roms work and which might not to come.

Seriously impressed with this emu.

Adds poping up on main screen NetNathanJan 1, at 9: Mario 64 - Played to first world. Body Harvest 64 - "way too laggy" Bomber Man 64 - Does not load. Do you already have an account? But still very playable.

The keys do help sometimes but are acutally kind of a hinderance m64oid too. As I test roms I'll post what I find. I just dled and tested it on my dx2. Controls very playable except for may have trouble with using C button items while z targeting.


Does this work well? Controls very playable Banjo-Tooie - Loads up but always seems to crash when selecting a character or not too far into the game during gameplay. Samsung Galaxy S10 Teaser!

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