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Review by kneegrow on Nov 9, Version: Our design choice is unlike all the different commercial encoders we've seen to avoid putting stuffing bits just for the sake of reaching the average bitrate. Now I no longer have to do this, so it appears the AC3 encoding problem I experienced with older versions of this software has been corrected [not sure if anyone else experienced this problem]. But for drag'n'drop simplicity, and for reassurance of decent quality, you can't go wrong. Review by RedDwarfer on Oct 12, Version:

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Cannot praise this software enough. Use it for free, no registration, no ads, just download You can find almost any keygen for. May be CCE will do a little better in fast motion scenes, due to it's ability to do multipass, but in all other fields VSO is a winner! Review by Biney59 on Jan 20, Version: No Batch mode as yet As I mentioned in my last cpnvert over a year ago, "why not just remove the Custom size feature, cause it doesn't work.

Review by erzug on Mar vereion, Version: Review by ScorpioDragon on Feb 7, Version: The output is great and the speed is real-time or better. Loaded up files I created with AutoGK.

There is one problem that seems to be inherent to v3 and that is the extreme data compression it prefers to use. Also, why wouldn't have Hollywood or companies that do encoding not go for the same type of encoding theory that VSO does and cram a trilogy of titles onto 1 dvd9 to save space and money?

Using the preview bar I advanced through the frames.

Oh yeah, and if you've got the time to fool with the insane UI. Review by Fiarosh on Apr 10, Version: No skin of my nose Convert x to d v d c keygen rar download from software. Free Trial version available for download and testing with usually a time limit or 40.9.322 functions.

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And I'm a register user that paid for it!!! Review by KneeGrow on Sep 17, Version: Review by erzug on Feb 21, Version: Review by sknetwork on Aug 17, Version: The average bitrate is in fact the average value which will allow to make the full segment s fit onto a dvd.

I can only assume that lower output sizes also mean reduced quality. If you have to pay for something, it should compare favorably to full free solution, as in 1.

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The subtitle mechanism is totally ruined and gives mirror words in any lang other than Eng. Review by peterbuilt on Aug 17, Version: Review by fzzy fyll Jan 10, Version: It's only a free trial, and they push hard for you to buy it. This program just has no clue how to keep track of the timecode of movies, I've done 4 movies so far. Review by cosmo99 on Aug 4, Version: It conveet matter what bitrate or FPS are chosen.

Check this out if you're interested in a very easy to use authoring program.

I have to turn them on again, but they dissapear again and again!! You get a full 7 day working trial to try any dv out. Help us keep the list up to date and submit new video software here.

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